The Mental Rotation consits of multiple blocks; each block consists of multiple trials; each trial consists of 3 frames:

  • Frame 1
    Display fixation point

  • Frame 2
    Display stimulus until user input or timeout

  • Frame 3
    Display feedback on error or timeout

Session Design

Block design

Replications * (Symbols x Angles x [regular, mirrored])


The letters and numbers presented as Stimuli. Please avoid characters that may not be identified as mirrored like A, H, I M, O, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z.

Sequence of comma separated characters


The angles of the rotation in degrees, clockwise.

Sequence of comma separated numbers


Each symbol will be presented mirrored and not mirrored.

read only

Warm up

Number of warmup trials that will be ignored in all reports.





Number of resulting trials per block.

read only

Trial Design

Frame 1

Time to display fixation point.

number [milliseconds]

Frame 2

Time to display stimulus. If you set Frame 2 to 0 the trial will not progress until the user responded to the stimulus.

number [milliseconds]

Frame 3

Time to display feedback on error or timeout.

number [milliseconds]